Teens And Depression

Natalie Mack and Vicki from 7 Sisters Homeschool talk about teens and depression. It is normal for teens to feel down occasionally. However, sometimes the sadness can turn to depression. Here are some things to look for and things to do to help.


Do you have a high schooler interested in joining the military after they graduate? Wondering what the process of working with a recruiter might look like? Join Natalie Mack (HSLDA’s Military Outreach Coordinator) and Nathan from the Homeschool Project Podcast for a discussion on all you and your high schooler need to know about military

Podcast: Q&A: Homeschooling 6th Through 8th Grade 

Got questions about homeschooling in middle school? Join Heather Frommack (HSLDA director of outreach and consulting services) and Natalie Mack (HSLDA high school consultant) as they answer questions about homeschooling in 6th through 8th grade. Listen Now

Podbites With Verna

“Many people want their children to develop a great foundation to be able to interact and succeed in all kinds of environments. Well, my friend, Natalie Minor Mack seems to have mastered that with her 5 children. Click the video below to hear some of our conversation from earlier this week on “Podbites with Verna”,