May 17, 2023 The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast

Natalie Mack joins Yvette Hampton to talk about the ins and outs of homeschooling as a military family.

Natalie Mack is an author, speaker, and twenty-two years veteran military home educator with over twenty-one years of service to military homeschooling families and military homeschool support group leadership. She is known for her words of encouragement and advocacy for homeschooling, particularly during the journey from high school to college. Natalie is a mom of five, three college graduates, one college junior and a 10th grader. She is a newly retired Navy chaplain’s spouse after serving alongside her husband for 34 years of military service. Natalie also provides mentorship to homeschoolers, advocacy for military homeschooling and homeschool consultations to military-connected educational and DoD organizations.

Recommended Resources: 101 Tips for Homeschoolers: Loving Your Homeschool Experience, by Natalie Mack –

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